Docs: Man assaulted, threatened to kill officers during traffic stop

Docs: Man assaulted, threatened to kill officers during traffic stop
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Two Spokane police officers patrolling the Hillyard area Tuesday night noticed a car driving recklessly near Market and Wellesley.

It was around 10:30 p.m. when the officers, an officer in training paired with a reserve officer, say they saw the car swerve, hit a curb, and run a red light. They suspected the driver of being impaired and tried to pull the car over around Cook St.

When the car stopped, the man driving immediately got out of the car and started walking towards the officers. Police say the driver, 37-year-old Aaron J. Aamodt, refused demands to get back in his vehicle and continued to approach officers with his hands, “concealed in his clothing, around his waist band,” according to a release.

Aamodt, a 6’5″ 250 lb man, then charged at one of the officers and allegedly stated “I’m going to Fu**ing murder you.” The officer then fired his taser, which had no affect on Aamodt.

Police say Aamodt then turned to the officer who had just tased him and tackled him to the ground, while trying to grab the officer’s gun from its holster.

During the fight, police say Aamodt hit the officer several times, tried to bite the officer’s neck, and drove his thumb into the officer’s eye. According to court documents, that officer would later tell investigators that he believed “without a doubt” that Aamodt’s intent was to kill him. For that reason he said, at one point, he asked another officer to deploy deadly force. An officer eventually knocked Aamodt unconscious.

Police say there was “still a significant physical struggle before they were able to subdue Aamodt. Even after being handcuffed Aamodt was still combative and had to be constantly restrained by officers.”

Only after the struggle had ended did officers realize Aamodt’s three children were sitting in his car.

The Kitsap County Sheriff’s Office confirmed to KXLY that those children live with Aamodt in Bremerton. On Tuesday, he left town with the children abruptly, which alarmed the children’s mother. She contacted authorities and reported her kids missing that afternoon.

KCSO says law enforcement was able to get in touch with Aamodt on the phone and a Grant County Sheriff’s Deputy made a welfare check near the Silica Road exit. That deputy confirmed the kids were okay and the missing report was canceled.

Aamodt was booked into jail for 1st degree assault, reckless driving, three counts of reckless endangerment for having his children in the vehicle, obstructing, and disarming a police officer.

The officer he attacked received a concussion and a minor injuries to his hand and eye. Another officer received a shoulder injury.

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