Do you know the signs of heat stroke?

Do you know the signs of heat stroke?

As temperatures continue to rise, so do the risks of coming down with heat stroke or exhaustion. Heat related illness can lead to permanent damage, even death if untreated.

According to the CDC, 658 Americans die each year from heat related illness. Heat strokes are the most serious.

Heat stroke symptoms include:

– body temperature over 103 degrees

– confusion

– nausea

-throbbing headache


-red, hot dry skin that is not sweating

If you or your child notice these symptoms while outdoors, you should go to the hospital immediately. Young children and elderly people are at a higher risk and so is anyone exercising in hot weather.

Heat exhaustion is not as serious but can require medical care if symptoms are severe.

Heat exhaustion symptoms include:

-excessive seating


-muscle cramps





-nausea / vomiting


Doctors say you should move to a cooler place, stop exercising and use wet cloths to cool yourself down. For more information about staying safe in the heat this summer, click here.

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