Do you have questions about when and where you can get the COVID-19 vaccine? We do, too

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Mohssen Assanimoghaddam

An ampoule Moderna vaccine against the COVID-19 disease, stand on the table at the Diakonie Hospital "DIAKO" vaccination ward in Bremen, Germany, Friday, Jan. 15, 2021. Besides the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine, Moderna is the second corona vaccine approved in the European Union.

A few weeks ago, we asked a very simple question: What do you want to know about the COVID-19 vaccine? Since then, we have been overwhelmed with responses. Nearly every single person who has written in has the same question.

When can I get the vaccine?

We’d love to know that, too.

If you’ve been following our news and other news sources nationwide, you know that the vaccine rollout has been a bit of a mess. There are so many levels of bureaucracy and politics layered into what is already a complicated, ambitious, unprecedented effort. Is it the fault of the states? The federal government? Local health districts? It’s not entirely clear. Each entity seems to be blaming someone else. None of that matters to you, though, if you’re just trying to determine how and when you or your loved one can get this potentially-life saving vaccine.

It’s not enough for the states to say “check our website for updates.” I’m getting phone calls from older folks who don’t have access to the internet and can’t otherwise get this information. I’ve heard Governor Inslee say “Ask your health care provider.” But, do they even know? Right now, it’s a maze of information through which to navigate and even the most savvy person is struggling to find out when and where they might access the vaccine. Some states have rolled out specific dates, others have been more vague. Most have not told people where they can actually go when the vaccine is available. Many have conflicting information about who is eligible and when.

I’m writing this to tell you one simple message: We hear you. We have the same questions you have. We want to know when and where the vaccine will be available for our parents, our co-workers, our families, ourselves. This is the light at the end of the tunnel that we’ve been waiting for, and right now, that light is eclipsed by confusion and red tape.

We are committed to getting these answers for you. We’ll post stories and updates on this page, so you can bookmark it and stay in the loop. We’ll also make sure we share the resources completely on tv for those in our community who don’t have easy access to the internet.

Please hold us accountable. Keep sending us your questions. We’ll do our best to get them answered and connect you with the resources you need.