‘Do not tell me it’s because you were high, because that is no excuse’: Victim’s family disappointed with murderer’s sentencing

SPOKANE, Wash. — A local man will serve 30 years in prison after murdering a young woman in North Spokane last February. Anthony Fuerte’s plea deal was accepted on Monday.

Makayla Young, 24, was found dead after being stabbed multiple times in the chest and was almost decapitated when police discovered her body at the Roadway Inn motel. Fuerte will be released from prison in his 50s after serving this sentence, but Young’s family says Makayla didn’t get the justice she deserved.

“Our family, friends, community… and I feel like 30 years is not justice,” said Michael Young, Makayla’s dad. “That decision was taken out of our hands.”

In court, they pleaded with the judge to extend Fuerte’s sentencing, but his defense argued he was a product of poverty and drug addiction from a young age. His aunt attended the trial and said she never knew him to be violent.

“Without drugs, none of this would be here,” said Robin Fuerte, his aunt. “There needs to be counseling and help for these people.”

Fuerte did address the Young family, taking responsibility for his actions and apologizing for taking Makayla away from so many people who loved her.

“I was just on drugs, and I never imagined I could have done something like this,” Fuerte said. “I’m sorry for taking her away from you.”

The apology wasn’t enough for Makayla’s grieving mother.

“Do not tell me it’s because you were high, because that is no excuse,” said Christy Young. “My nightmares are filled with visions of my daughter trying to get away from this monster.”

The judge also said she received a tremendous amount of letters from friends and people whose lives were touched by Makayla. She told Fuerte she hopes he can do something good after his 30-year sentence because he took so much away from the Young family.

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