Divers find no adult invasive mussels in Montana reservoir

Divers find no adult invasive mussels in Montana reservoir
freeimages.com/Sara Moses
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The state Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks reports that for the second consecutive year, divers did not find any invasive mussels in Tiber Reservoir.

Larvae were found in the reservoir, also called Lake Elwell, in the fall of 2016, leading to inspections and other preventive measures at the reservoir southwest of Chester and stepped up inspections statewide. Larvae were also suspected, but not confirmed, at Canyon Ferry Reservoir near Helena.

Five divers from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service searched the dam’s rock structure to a depth of about 35 feet in mid-September and did not find any mussels. Wildlife officials say the dam is searched because mussels prefer attaching to solid substances, such as rocks.

Aquatic mussels have no natural predators and can clog water pipes and displace native species.