Distribution of COVID-19 vaccines for kids under 5 delayed in Spokane due to shipment process

SPOKANE, Wash.– COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 were approved last week. Many parents are waiting for this moment to finally get their toddlers vaccinated.

However, finding doses through the Washington Vaccine Finder revealed only two clinics have them available.

Kellie Hawkins from the Spokane Regional Health District says there has been a slight delay in distributing the vaccines because of the shipment process and multiple steps of getting approval.

“So it starts with FDA and then CDC and then western state review group review it for safety and effectiveness, and then at that point the Department of Health is able to receive shipments of vaccines and then disperse to local health providers,” said Kellie Hawkins, Public Information Officer of Spokane Regional Health District.

Hawkins says they’ve ordered 1,520 pediatric doses from the state.

“We’ve ordered 1270 doses of the vaccines of Pfizer’s pediatric vaccines and about 250 doses of Moderna. That’s for our depot,” Hawkins said.

The demand for pediatric vaccines is high among many health providers.

“Every time there’s an authorization for a new age group, we always have initial demand from early adopters who want to get their children vaccinated as soon as possible… so we are seeing that right now,” Hawkins said.

Enough doses are available now at various providers. The following providers have confirmed they will offer the Pfizer pediatric vaccines in some of their locations.

– Providence clinics
– Consistent Care (will also offer Moderna; will see non-established patients)
– CHAS Health
– Mt. Spokane Pediatrics (will see non-established patients)
– MultiCare
– Kaiser Permanente

Hawkins says most importantly to check with your pediatricians if they have vaccines for kids.

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