Discovery of decades-old mapping error clears the way for Wolf Lodge Bay development’s next steps

Wolf Lodge Bay

COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho. – A recent discovery cleared the way for a proposed development in Wolf Lodge Bay to move forward.

Last year, an application was filed to rezone a small piece of land along Lake Coeur d’Alene. John Condon owns that land and North Idaho Maritime, which is a local dock building company.

In a past interview, project manager Rand Wichman said the company planned to use the land as a loading/unloading zone. At the time, the would-be developers thought the half acre property needed to go from a restricted residential designation to a commercial one.

The county and project managers recently learned that’s not the case.

Kootenai County Community Development Director David Callahan told 4 News Now that a mapping error made 30 years ago was recently discovered. Callahan explained that a change in computer systems and staff errors led to records showing that the property was not zoned for commercial use. County employees recently discovered ordinance records proving that land can be used as a commercial property.

“It shouldn’t have happened, but it did,” said Callahan. “We didn’t have the systems in place to fix it, but now we do. But we had to suffer the consequences with Mr. Condon and I’m sorry for that.”

This closes one chapter of what’s been a controversial story in North Idaho. Some residents worried that the development would disrupt the local ecosystem.

“We’ve already had every agency weigh in and render the decisions that it will not have an affect,” said Condon.

Callahan said if Condon moves forward with the project, he still has to complete all the necessary permit processes.