Disabled struggle through snow and ice

Disabled struggle through snow and ice

The city has worked hard to clear snow and ice from snow and sidewalks, but some people are still struggling to get around.

Harold Anderson contacted KXLY when he and his wife who are both disabled struggled to get out of their car at a loading zone outside the Spokane county courthouse.

While the road leading up to, and the sidewalk around the loading zone are clear of snow, a big icy berm was the biggest challenge.

Anderson is on crutches and his wife uses a knee wheelchair.

“We pulled up and I thought, the city has a right to use their plows to make this accessible,” said Anderson.

Downtown one man struggles on the sidewalks.

“Sometimes… can’t even get through,” said Harold Zaagsma riding his motorized scooter.

The scooter can’t quite maneuver the ice and snow.

“Getting across the roads, you have the ramps where you can’t get on and off the sidewalk and it’s all full of snow and stuff,” said Zaagsma.

Barb Stuebing at St. Luke’s works with people adjusting to life with a disability.

“It’s nice to get it practiced in here before we take them outside and have to face the elements,” said Stuebing.

Stuebing suggests people with disabilities wear something like trackers during the winter months.

“So you put these on his feet so when he stands up the ground isn’t so slippery underneath him,” said Stuebing.

“Certainly those with mobility issues, it’s always more challenging to get around in this kind of weather,” said Marlene Feist with the city of Spokane.

She says the city crews try to get roads and sidewalks as clear as possible, but the extreme cold packs that snow and makes deicer ineffective.

“When we see those temperatures come back up next week we’ll see some melting happening and that deicer will really get going,” said Feist.

Until the snow and ice melts off, those with mobility issues need to plan ahead.

If you feel there is an area that is not plowed and unsafe you can report it to the city at 755-2489