‘I’m devastated’: Local die-hard Seahawks fans at a loss as Russell Wilson leaves

SPOKANE, Wash.– Seattle Seahawks fans got heartbreaking news Tuesday: their quarterback Russell Wilson is out.

He will be heading to play for the Denver Broncos.

For die-hard fan Ric Meyer, the move is devastating.

You might be thinking, “how die-hard of a fan is he?”

Besides having gone to a few games and meeting Wilson, his ringtone has an announcer saying the Seahawks scored a touchdown.

When Meyer heard about the trade from his friend, he didn’t think it was real. There had been rumors for weeks, but fans like Meyer didn’t think it’d happen.

“I don’t believe it. Sure enough, the first story that popped up [on social media], and then after that, friends and families and people I barely talk to reached out because they know how big of a Seahawk fan I am, said, ‘Wilson to Denver,’ I said, ‘Oh.’ I was devastated,” he said.

Anyone who knows Meyer knows he’s a huge fan of the Seahawks. His wife and kids are also fans.

“Their love for the Seahawks grew with me,” Meyer said.

He said his wife thinks it’s a little much sometimes, his love for Seahawks and sports in general. However, when it comes to the Seahawks, his wife lets him go all out.

Meyer said he won’t jump ship to the Denver Broncos; he’s a Seahawks fan for life.

“I’m a Seahawks fan as the team. Players come and go, every year somebody gets traded, somebody gets released but for this one being a franchised quarterback, and all pro, for him to get traded, this one hurts more than I think any in NFL history,” he said.

While he says he is happy for Russell Wilson, he’s feeling mixed emotions. Regardless, he’ll never forget that Wilson won them the Superbowl in 2014.

“It was one of the best feelings of my life. I did not think they’d win one in my lifetime, and the fact that they did, I can die a happy man,” Meyer said.

The trade is pending a physical and Wilson’s approval. The deal has reportedly been weeks in the making.

According to NFL insider Adam Schefter, the trade will send Denver’s quarterback Drew Lock, defensive lineman Shelby Harris, tight end Noah Fant, two first-round draft picks, two second-round picks, and a fifth-rounder to Seattle. Seattle would trade away Wilson and a fourth-round pick.

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