DHS reissues terror threat bulletin

DHS reissues terror threat bulletin
Robert Johnson/CNN

The Department of Homeland Security reissued Wednesday its National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin, saying the US continued to face threats from homegrown terror and foreign violent extremists.

The bulletin system was put into place under the tenure of former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, and outlines terror threats to the US, with each bulletin issued for six month intervals. The announcement Wednesday said DHS Secretary Kristjen Nielsen “determined it is necessary to extend” the bulletin.

Wednesday’s bulletin expires in September and mirrors language from the last DHS NTAS bulletin in November 2017, which warned of terrorist groups recruiting individuals “to adopt easy-to-use tools to target public places and events” as well as foreign fighters fleeing from the battlefield to attack elsewhere.

Since the system was put in place in late 2015, DHS has issued the bulletin six times, each of which has maintained the US faces significant threats from terror organizations or individuals inspired to commit attacks.

The bulletin continued to warn that military success against terror groups abroad could encourage people in the US to plot attacks here rather than join groups overseas.

“Continued US and partner successes in disrupting and defeating terrorists on the battlefield may encourage homegrown terrorists to carry out acts of violence in the homeland instead of attempting to travel overseas to fight or in retaliation for apparent losses,” the bulletin warned.

In a statement accompanying Wednesday’s announcement, DHS said, “Terrorist groups continue to inspire, enable, and direct their followers to spread chaos using homemade weapons and by striking soft targets and crowded places.”