Development & growth continues in the downtown Riverfront Park area

SPOKANE, Wash. — Riverfront Park has turned over a new leaf in the past few years & there’s more ahead!

You may have noticed the transformed Papillon building on the corner of Mallon and Howard, right next to the Ice Age playground and the Podium.

Selkirk Development has been remodeling that spot, and three new restaurants are moving in!

The developers and restauranteurs moving into that spot, see a lot of potential with foot traffic from travelers in the surrounding buildings, but also the opportunity to serve our locals.

The creative mind behind Kasa couldn’t have found a more promising location for her new restaurant.

“There are so many things coming to this area and it has a lot of life. It’s really vibrant and I’m excited for Kasa because I think it’s going to compliment what the city of Spokane is doing in all of these areas,” said Juli Norris, Chef-Owner of Kasa restaurant.

Norris, previous co-owner at Downriver Grill, has been in the world of developing Kasa for almost 3-years.

It’s going to be a fast-casual spot, serving fusion-style food sandwiches on their house bread with plans to do fun twists on classic dishes like chicken tenders, wings, and great salads.

In addition to that, it’ll be a tap house and they’re planning to have fresh, great flavors paired with really dialed-in sauces, hoping to be available to the public in September.

Also in the Papillon building will be Chef Owner Ian Wingates new spot, Outsider. Artisan pizzas, steak, burgers, rotisserie chicken, and ribs, to name just a few.

Wingate has been a chef in Spokane restaurants for 25/30 years. Most recently, he was Executive Chef at the Wandering Table.

They have a soft opening for lunch starting Thursday, lasting through Saturday.

Beneath Kasa there will also be a speakeasy jazz and social club, Lorèn.

Additionally, there is going to be a second tower going up that will be connected to the Papillon building. Originally set to be offices, the developer is also getting interest from retail and hospitality-based companies.

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