Developer plans on constructing new buildings, bringing new businesses to Spokane

A new sports complex is about to be built just across the river from Riverfront Park. With that, comes new development.

The building that once housed The Ram restaurant is getting new life, and will be next to new towers as well.

That means soon, you’ll have more places to eat and hang out at, north of Riverfront Park and east of the Spokane Arena.

Selkirk Development, who is making the plans, is calling this the Papillon Development.

“We really want to change the landscape in Spokane,” said Derek Raivio, the president of Selkirk Development.

He says the two multi-story buildings will fit the growing need in Spokane.

“Really bring something different and new and raise the bar in Spokane. I feel like Spokane’s a little further behind from some of the west coast cities,” he explained.

Raivio says he’s seeing demand of mixed used properties, this means a building that can have a multitude of different things from offices to restaurants and more.

“We’re really trying to incorporate some of that bigger city, more energy feel. I’ve lived overseas for 10 years. Some of those larger cities, metropolitan areas have really cool walking streets, bars, restaurants, cafe’s,” he said.

He wants to be able to have these places in walking distances to other areas of Spokane.

“Just have it seamless from the promenade onto the park right there, that’s being revitalized in Riverfront park and the Sportsplex,” he continued. “Just have it all one sustaining, self sustaining ecosystem.”

The whole project will cost nearly $80 million and it will all be privately paid for. They development company is looking for investors in their project, hoping to raise about $30 million.

“One key thing in this project is shovel ready. We own the dirt,” he said.

They plan to have a six-story mix-used tower and another that’s 12 stories with a majority of office space. The 12-story building would have five stories of parking.

While the newly named Papillon building is up, they plan to break ground next summer. Raivio said they are in the design phase and has been working with the city in their application to get this project going. It will be a quick turnaround, he said, hoping to finish up in 2024.

“Spokane deserves this. This is a thriving community. It’s not a secret anymore, that’s why we see such an influx of out-of-towners coming here,” he said.

To learn more about the Papillon Development project, visit Selkirk Development’s website.