Detectives searching for Deanne Hastings

Detectives searching for Deanne Hastings

Detectives are continuing to search for a woman who disappeared from Spokane’s streets, leaving behind her car, purse, cell phone and two young children.

Deanne Hastings, 35, vanished November 4 and Major Crimes detectives don’t know if the single mom was abducted or simply wanted to start a new life somewhere else.

Hastings’s disappearance even more puzzling because she was starting a new life as a cosmetology student at the Glen Dow Academy and had already paid some of her tuition.

On November 4 Hastings attended orientation at the Glen Dow Academy. The cosmetology student seemed excited about her new career.

“She was very happy, very open. participating. Smile on her face, she was ready to get going in her career,” Martin Dow with the Glen Dow Academy said.

Hastings never returned to the school or her Spokane home. She last used her debit card at a grocery store in Latah Valley and since then her banking activity has stopped all together.

“When people lose their credit card and debit cards and they don’t call in on them and no one’s heard from her, it’s very concerning and, like I said, she doesn’t have any means of supporting herself of anything like that,” Sergeant Joel Fertakis with the Spokane Police Department said.

Hastings’ car, with her cell phone and purse inside, were found abandoned in a parking lot near the Knitting Factory. Then, last week, her driver’s license was discovered outside Sonnenberg’s Deli on Sprague Avenue.

Her friends and family have plastered Spokane with missing person fliers. Major Crimes detectives don’t know if Hastings has met with foul play or disappeared on her own accord and so they want Hastings to call them.

“She’s not going to jail and I’m on camera saying that because that’s how concerned we are about her. We need her to please make yourself known and let an officer contact you. It’ll take five minutes and we’ll be done and if she wants help, we’ll help her as well,” Fertakis said.