Detectives charge two suspects in 2017 armed robbery

Detectives charge two suspects in 2017 armed robbery
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Spokane Valley Major Crimes Detectives charged two suspects Thursday in a 2017 armed robbery at a Spokane Valley home.

On February 23, 2017, Spokane Valley deputies responded to a residence in the 700 block of S. Arties around 3:30 a.m. for a report of an armed robbery.

One of the occupants of the home told deputies he was sleeping when two males, wearing black jackets and black bandanas covering their faces, woke him up. Both suspects were described as white, medium build males. One was armed with a rifle, and one with a shotgun. They told the victim they knew he had money and guns and demanded them.

During the robbery, one of the victim’s roommates started to leave his bedroom which distracted the suspects. The victim struggled with one of the suspects and gained control of a shotgun and pointed it at the other suspect. As he pulled the trigger, the suspect he had taken the weapon from hit the barrel upward which caused the shot to hit the ceiling.

The suspect then struck the victim in the head with the end of the gun. The victim ran from the residence and called 911, while his roommates barricaded themselves in their bedrooms.

Deputies, with the assistance of a K9 unit, cleared the residence, but did not find the suspects. They saw drug paraphernalia in the home.

Deputies set up a perimeter and tried to track the suspects, but were unsuccessful. They found a Ziploc bag, filled with what appeared to be meth, wrapped in a shirt and hidden in the backyard.

The residents of the home denied ownership of the drugs or knowing the suspects.

Spokane Valley Major Crimes Detectives continued the investigation. During the investigation, detectives found a dry erase board in the victim’s room with the words “Dope & $ or you die,” written on it. A roll of duct tape was also found in the room.

Detectives learned that the roommate who had left his bedroom before the shot was fired was partially deaf. Detectives surmised that the roommate was the intended target of the robbery, possibly over drugs or money, and that the suspects had mistaken the victim for the roommate.

Fingerprints and DNA processing led detectives to 51-year-old Jesse R. Adams, Jr., a 7-time convicted felon, and 41-year-old Jason J. Knight, an 18-time convicted felon.

Thursday morning, detectives added a first degree robbery charge to the booking charges of Adams and Knight, who were already in custody at the Spokane County Jail for unrelated charges.