Despite earlier cancellation, ‘COPS’ film crews ride again with Spokane Co deputies

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Earlier this summer, production companies pulled the plug on popular law enforcement shows COPS and Live P.D. Now, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office says Cops crews are back in town and riding along with deputies.

The sheriff’s office says two crews are riding with deputies right now and will be here through the first week of November.

Paramount Network cancelled the long-running reality show earlier this summer. COPS and Live P.D. were criticized as glorifying police work and also accused of not accurately portraying events as they happened.

TV listings show episodes of the show airing again in October on WGNA. The show’s website has a countdown clock to new episodes.

In a news release Wednesday, the sheriff’s office said it has had a long relationship with Langley productions, which produces the show, and “we are pleased they have decided to return, highlighting the outstanding work our Deputies provide to all of you.”

Sheriff Knezovich said “Shows like COPS highlight the work of law enforcement.  They show, even for a few minutes, what the men and women out protecting our communities deal with day in and day out.  People need to see how quickly things can turn, the decisions that need to be made quickly, and how well Deputies and Officers adjust and respond appropriately.  They show the hard work and professionalism of law enforcement, despite what some anti-law enforcement activists and those in the media want you to believe.”

Sheriff Knezovich and his relationship with COPS and Live PD were the subject of an episode of This American Life. In that episode, a critic of the show interviewed a woman in Spokane who says deputies targeted her for filming because she would make for good TV.

The Spokane City Council banned the presence of these shows within the city limits.

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