Deputy who shot, killed reckless driver to face no charges

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Spokane County Sheriff's Office

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane Valley Police deputy who shot and killed a reckless driver in November will face no charges, the County Prosecutor’s Office announced Wednesday.

Deputy Thomas Walton was dispatched to stop a reckless driver, later identified as 41-year-old Nicholas Kausshen, near Valleyway and Mullan. Walton and other deputies followed Kausshen, with one deputy attempting to use his patrol car to stop the driver, but the attempt failed.

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Kausshen crashed into parked cars, sped through intersections and drove through opposing traffic in a one-way road. Kausshen then allegedly turned and started driving toward Walton and another deputy, who both shared a patrol car.

Kausshen crashed into them, then backed up and prepared to ram them again. Walton shouted for him to stop several times before drawing his gun and shooting him.

Deputies treated Kausshen at the scene, but he later died from his injuries.

Given the circumstances, the Prosecutor’s Office ruled Walton was justified in his use of force.

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