Deputy who shot and killed man after pursuit cleared by Prosecutor’s Office

Deptuy who shot and killed a man in North Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — The Spokane County Prosecutor’s Office determined that deputy Brent Miller was justified in the fatal shooting of Clando Anitok in January.

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The Prosecutor’s Office says that, under the facts and circumstances, Deputy Miller had good-faith belief in his actions. No criminal charges will be filed.

Anitok led Deputy Miller in a pursuit that ended when he crashed into a fence near Post and Wedgewood.

Anitok reportedly got out of his vehicle and started walking toward Miller, who ordered him to stop and even tried using a taser. He then ran away for a short distance, then stopped and appeared to be pulling something from his pocket. Deputy Miller shot and killed Anitok, and further investigation revealed that he did not have a weapon on him.