Deputy Prosecutor by day, Court Monitor by Hoopfest

Deputy Prosecutor by day, Court Monitor by Hoopfest

This is the twenty second year deputy prosecutor Sharon Hedlund has volunteered for Hoopfest duties.

She is the longest reigning female Hoopfest court monitor and shows up every summer to make sure families have fun and play safely.

Sharon Hedlund is a major crimes deputy prosecutor who’s spent this month trying to convict suspected serial killer Donna Perry.

However, this weekend, instead of calling witnesses to the stand, Hedlund will be calling out players on their good or bad bahavior.

Hedlund, a former basketball player herself is commited to fair play no matter if it’s superior court or center court.

She’s not afraid of suspect killers or the athletes who tower above her on the pavement.

But unlike court there’s not a conflict of interest if monitors accept gifts for their service.

And this year, like many years in the past, Hedlund has tapped her nieces and nephews to act at her scorekeepers.

This year, the honor goes to a young lady named Dawn.