Deputy Hirzel returns to work

The Spokane Sheriff’s Deputy who shot and killed a pastor is back at work. Deputy Brian Hirzel returned to modified duty this week after he spent the past month on paid administrative leave.

Alan Creach, Scott Creach’s son, said he is not surprised Hirzel is back at work.

“I think it sends a clear message to me that their intention is to not press this any further,” said Creach.

The Spokane County Prosecutor is looking over the 700 page incident report and has yet to decide if the shooting was justified.

Creach believes Hirzel shouldn’t be at work even though he’s on light duty.

“I think that this man’s gotta make a living for his family. I don’t think he should be doing that in law enforcement,” said Creach.

On Thursday, the Spokane County Sheriff’s Office announced it changed its policy regarding when a deputy can give a statement after a critical incident.

Until now, a deputy had to wait 72 hours before giving an official statement. Now, a deputy can give a statement before 72 hours if they choose to.

Deptuty Hirzel didn’t give his statement until nine days after the shooting because of the protocol and a pre-scheduled vacation.

Creach said he is encouraged by the change, adding he believes more needs to be done.

“I think one thing that has to take place here is that the Sheriff’s department has to acknowledge they can not trespass on private property without consent. And, if they are going to be there they have to ask permission,” said Creach.