Deputies: Drunk Spokane driver switched seats to avoid DUI; new driver rammed into patrol car

patrol car damaged

SPOKANE, Wash – A Spokane Valley deputy had to be checked out by medics after investigators say a drunk driving chase ended with his patrol car being rammed by the fleeing driver.

It started with a chase early Saturday morning.

Spokane Valley Deputy Riley Sullivan saw an SUV without license plates driving south on North Pines.

Deputy Sullivan said the driver was speeding and swerving, so he turned on his lights and siren, but the driver failed to stop.

The driver, later identified as Jacob Maravilla, refused to stop even as other deputies responded to help.

That’s when deputies say they saw Maravilla change seats with the front seat passenger, Roberta Peone.

Deputies say Peone herself then sped away and they used a PIT maneuver to try to stop her.

The PIT maneuver caused the SUV to spin, then Deputy Sullivan pulled forward to block any escape, but Peone accelerated and took off.

The chase continued down several more streets, into a parking lot, through a closed gate and into a construction area.

Deputies finally tried the PIT maneuver again on East Grace and say Peone started to drive on the sidewalk to get away. At that point, deputies say Peone accelerated and slammed into Deputy Elijah Jones’ patrol car.

The impact was hard enough to damage the patrol car and cause the airbags to deploy.

Maravilla and Peone were both arrested; Maravilla had two felony warrants out of his arrest for possession of a stolen gun and malicious mischief.

Maravilla was booked into the Spokane County Jail on those charges and new charges including attempting to elude a police vehicle, DUI and resisting arrest.

Peone was booked for attempting to elude, second degree assault and DUI.

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