Deer Park woman quits job to search for missing dog

Deer Park woman quits job to search for missing dog

After searching day and night for her beloved border collie, Katie, Deer Park resident, Carole King, finally found Katie 57 days later.

The King family was on vacation in Kalispell with Katie in July for little getaway. While the family was at dinner, the 7 year-old pup was alone in the hotel room. A thunderstorm hit and scared Katie, which caused her to escape from the hotel.

When the Carole and her husband, Vern, returned from dinner, Katie was nowhere to be found. They frantically searched the entire room and hotel grounds.

Carole told ABC she raced downstairs and talked with the hotel clerk in hopes they had my dog, but they didn’t.

The Kings looked everywhere, from paw prints in water holes to abandoned buildings. They bought night vision goggles to hopefully see Katie roaming during the night.

According to ABC, the King family ran classified ads and put up hundreds of posters, but Katie was still nowhere to be found.

Things were not looking good for the search for Katie, so Carole quit her job to search for her baby girl, full-time.

Vern had to return home to take care of their family, but he left Katie a note writing, ” I would rather say see you soon than say good-bye.”

The Kings were about to give up hope until the received a tip about Katie’s whereabouts.

Katie came out of the trees and was finally reunited with Carole.

Carole described that moment as, “sheer joy,” as tears of happiness rushed down her face and Katie embraced the love of her owner.

Katie miraculously survived on her own for 57 days and the Kings’ dedication and hope to find their companion is at ease, as the family is whole again.