Deadline to get a Real ID is one year from now

Frequent flyers or those who go into certain federal buildings must have a Real ID by October 1, 2020, otherwise, they won’t get access. Currently, only about 900,000 people in the state have the ID.

What is a Real ID?

Congress passed the Real ID Act in 2005. For better security purposes, every state had to have some type of identification card that met the requirements.

“Real ID is intended the reliability and accuracies of drivers license and identification cards while inhibiting the ability of theorists and other people who want to defraud the system from being able to do so,” said Lori Dankers, a spokesperson for the Transportation Security Administration.

The deadline to get a Real ID is October 1, 2020. For those who don’t have that card, they will not be able to fly commercially or enter certain federal buildings.

How do I get a Real ID?

In Washington, the Real ID is dubbed the Enhanced Drivers ID. In Idaho, it’s called the STAR Card.

A person must go into an office to apply. It is not available online.

Documents required to obtain one include proof of U.S citizenship, another document to verify one’s, identity such as a drivers license, social security number and proof of Washington State residency.

Can I use any other forms of ID to fly instead of a Real ID?

Yes, but it has to be either a passport, passport card, military ID, a trusted travelers card or a tribal or transportation worker ID.

How much does it cost?

An enhanced drivers license costs $78, which is good for six years. A regular drivers license costs $54 for six years.

How long does it take to get the license?

Once a person goes into the drivers license office to apply for one, they will receive a temporary paper license. Officials say the ID should arrive in the mail in two weeks. Keep in mind, passengers can’t use a temporary paper license to fly unless they have another form of ID to verify their identity.

When should I get it?

As soon as you can. Officials anticipate long lines in the summer and fall next year as the deadline gets closer.

“The last thing we want for passengers, obviously, is to be surprised when they show up next fall as they get ready to fly out of the Spokane International Airport or any airport in our region,” said Larry Krauter, the chief executive officer of the Spokane International Airport.

What if I have other questions?

Visit the Washington State Department of Licensing website to learn more.