DCYF announces grant for struggling child care facilities

Day care accountability a growing concern

OLYMPIA, Wash. — The Washington State Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF) will be giving money out to child care facilities in need.

Child care centers and programs have been struggling during the coronavirus crisis.

In mid-April, 77 child care centers closed within Spokane city limits Statewide, Child Care Aware Washington said 1,303 program closed because of the pandemic.

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Costs to upkeep the facility and fewer children coming to through the doors has made it tough for some child care centers to stay open. Some decided to close because of the uncertainty of the pandemic.

“We recognize the challenges our providers have faced during this unprecedented time,” said DCYF Secretary Ross Hunter in a press release. “It’s important that we create a simplified process to provide support and stabilization for child care providers in our state in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

The grants given out to child care providers will be based on a few criteria under DCYF. The amount given will be based on the provider’s capacity, and it is a one-time fund.

  • Small: 0 to 49 children
  • Medium: 50 to 99 children
  • Large: 100 to 150+ capacity

DCYF said small and open providers can get $6,500. For medium sized capacity providers, that amount will be $11,500 and large, open providers could receive $14,000. The time period to apply will close June 30 or until all the funds are gone.

The money can be spent on rent, employees, utilities and/or personal protective equipment or cleaning supplies.

The department said an online application will be available soon and more details will be announced then. To learn more, visit the DCYF website.

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