Davenport’s “Subway Club” discuses Angel Springs Fire

Davenport’s “Subway Club” discuses Angel Springs Fire

The smell of smoke and haze was undeniable in downtown Davenport Monday morning as the public eagerly awaited for more information on the nearby Angel Springs Fire. With all that uncertainty – one thing you could count on was the weekday 9 a.m. meeting at Subway.

“We don’t really come down here to drink coffee,” explained George Arland, who has been spending his golden years in Davenport. “We come down here to BS.”

The 9 O’clock Club, Arland was quick to inform Kxly4, is the meeting he’s loyal to. There’s a 9:30 meeting, but the 23-year-Davenport resident claims that one’s for old people.

Evacuation orders have been issued for dozens of homes, but the nearby Red Cross Shelter at the Fairgrounds was almost completely empty – probably because community members like George always have their doors open.

“People can go any place,” Arland said.. “If they got livestock they can move them into other people’s corrals and they’re taken care of. Same with your family. Open the door, extra bedroom and here we are.”

So while the threat of flames is real – the spirit of the 9 a.m. Subway clan will not be defeated

“Oh no, uh-huh. This is just a great community to live in and when the fire companies come in here they leave a little extra money in our town and take care of it while they’re here.”