Date set for Thurman manslaughter trial

Date set for Thurman manslaughter trial

At a pretrial conference on Friday, a lawyer for Dwayne Thurman told the court the defense was ready for trial.

Thurman was charged with first-degree manslaughter last year, in connection to the shooting death of his wife, Brenda, in January 2016.

Thurman has maintained that the shooting was accidental- the gun misfired as he was cleaning it.

But Deputy Spokane County Prosecutor John Love brought the charge on the grounds that Thurman’s firearm training, through service in the military and as a reserve deputy, is extensive and that his handling of a loaded gun recklessly caused the death of his wife.

In Judge James Triplet’s courtroom on Friday a lawyer representing Carl Oreskovich, Thurman’s attorney, told the judge they would be ready for trial to begin on March 26 and that they expected to need four trial days.