Dashcam video shows officer, civilian save life with CPR

Dashcam video shows officer, civilian save life with CPR

Quick thinking on behalf of a civilian and a Wenatchee Police officer saved the life of a man on Wednesday.

Their heroic efforts were caught on dashcam.

A warning: parts of this video are dramatic and could be graphic for some viewers.

Shortly after midnight on Wednesday, a 911 caller reported a “man down” near Cashmere Street in Wenatchee.

Officer Albert Gonzalez was nearby, and began to look.

In a phone interview, Wenatchee Police Captain Edgar Reinfeld said police officers are not necessarily required to respond to these types of calls (primarily meant for fire crews are ambulances).

But, because they are often out in the community, they sometimes do respond.

It’s lucky Gonzalez did. He found the patient within minutes of the call going out.

Luckier still: a civilian was already attempting CPR on the patient when Officer Gonzalez arrived.

He took over resuscitation efforts until paramedics arrived and transported the patient to a local hospital.

Reinfeld said both the civilian’s and the officer’s responses are true examples of the effectiveness of CPR training and how anyone who is trained properly could save a life.

“The citizen who initially provided help should be applauded at great length for doing his best to provide help,” Reinfeld said. “But, with the intervention of real effective compressions and CPR training administered by Officer Gonzalez dramatically increased the chance for a better outcome for the patient,” he said.

A paramedic supervisor on scene told police that the patient would likely have suffered severe brain damage or death had both officer and civilian not behaved the way they did.

Officer Gonzalez has been nominated for a department life-saving award.