Damage from the windstorm? Here’s why you should look at your insurance policy

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SPOKANE, Wash. — Families across the Inland Northwest are trying to pick up the pieces from the damage left behind by last week’s deadly windstorm.

The cost from those damages will be high for many and local law offices say you should contact your insurance company to take a look at your full policy.

Partners with Sweetser Law Office in Spokane say it is crucial to go through your insurance company to file any claims. This is especially important when dealing with a tree that fell from a neighbor’s yard into yours and caused damage.

“Your neighbor could also have homeowners insurance that comes into play, which means the two insurance companies could begin pointing fingers to which side should really be ultimately responsible,” said Attorney Marcus Sweetser. “But what you need to know as the homeowner is that is ultimately not your burden to sort out. You need to file your claim with your own homeowners insurance policy and it’s their job to sort out the details.”

Lawyers say it is also important to check your policy in cases like the “Act of God” defense, which for most policies, is not going to be a legitimate defense – meaning the insurance companies would not need to pay your claim.