CVSD celebrates National Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is dedicated to teachers. National Teacher Appreciation Week is to thank the educators that spend time with our kids each day and prepare them for life beyond the classroom. But the career isn’t always an easy one.

We hear it a lot. Teachers can, at times, feel overworked. They handle classrooms with up to 30 kids, and they have long days with packed schedules. So, why do they do it?

From playing with cups of crayons to calculating on graphing calculators, and picture books to textbooks. The age of the students may change, but the role of the teacher is the same.

“Sometimes we spend more time with students than their parents get to, so we get to be that second caregiver in their life to make a difference,” said Analisa McCann, teacher at Broadway Elementary School.

Making a difference in the lives of hundreds, thousands of kids, and soon-to-be future adults.

“They come in as freshman, ready to really become adults and ready to learn. By the time they’re seniors, they ready to go,” said Brandon Mack, math teacher at Central Valley High School.

“You can see the passion in his eyes every time,” said Mr. Mack’s former students.

“I just enjoy learning about the math and teaching it. And learning how other kids think about it. That’s what drives me and that’s what I think I try to do with my teaching,” Mack said.

Students will agree. A teacher’s passion is more impactful than anything else.

“It’s contagious – anyone who takes Mr. Mack’s class just starts to love math,” Mr. Mack said.

Opening the eyes of students to the joy of learning, and that hunger for knowledge. Taking lessons out of the classroom and into life. Proving being a teacher is more than any lesson plan or equation.

“One relationship can make a difference in the lives of kids, that is all they need. So if I can be that person, I find that to be very lucky for me,” McCann said.

Lucky – that’s how these teachers describe what they do. Not just a job to pay bills and not a ‘9-to-5’ – it’s passion.

“If you weren’t a teacher, what would you do? And I’m doing it. I can’t imagine doing anything different,” McCann said.

“A kid said to me once – I don’t know what I’m going to be Mr. Mack. But whatever I do, I hope I like it as much as you like this. Because math isn’t really for me, but I hope I love what I’m doing as much as you love your job,” Mack said.

These were just two of the thousands of teachers we have in our community. KXLY4 wants to hear from you and join the conversation. We asked you in a Facebook post to tell us who your favorite teacher was or is. Show them some love and tell us why they left an impact on your life.

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