‘Cutting Through the Vapor’: How you can help your kid quit vaping

At a forum on Thursday titled ‘Cutting Through the Vapor,’ North Central High School parents heard honest answers from students about addiction to vaping.

It’s not just high school students vaping. Spokane Regional Health says use among middle schoolers is up 122%. Health experts say the only way a teen will quit is if they want to.

But, for parents, there are ways to help guide them.

To date, nearly 2,300 cases of lung injuries and 47 deaths have been linked to vaping, according to the CDC.

With that in mind, a handful of parents and students came to North Central High School to learn more about prevention.

“Got a number of my kids that are dealing with this stuff and so I wanted to learn more about it,” said Casey Duke, a youth pastor in Post Falls.

The Department of Health offers plenty of tips for parents to encourage their teens to quit vaping.

First, you’ll want to say you care without being critical. Then find out why your child vapes and how often.

Health experts say it’s up to your teen to decide when they’re ready to quit. Instead of nagging, health experts suggest asking your teen if they want to quit.

Lastly, parents should offer encouragement and avoid shaming and blaming.

For parents who also smoke or vape, the Department of Health says not to do it around your teen in order to set a good example.