Customers left confused after closure of Spokane Valley-based meat delivery company

Customers left confused after closure of Spokane Valley-based meat delivery company

In its eight years in business, a Spokane Valley- based meat delivery company found success through what it called a “weird” business model.

Zaycon Fresh customers would order and pre-pay for bulk amounts of meat that they could later pick up. The company said it offered a price lower than other bulk stores, and a product that was fresher.

After its first few years in business, Zaycon Fresh seemed poised to spread larger- picking up national attention and garnering an investment from Richard Braddock, formerly of Citibank. Zaycon Foods and founder Mike Conrad were featured in the Pacific Northwest Inlander in 2015.

The company gained followers and customers across the country, and was recommended by lifestyle bloggers.

In online comments posted Tuesday, some customers said they had experienced order delays of late, but the full closure of the business came as a shock. Many customer testimonies cited outstanding orders for hundred of dollars worth of products.

The statement on Zaycon Fresh’s now empty website does not provide details about the closure or what, if any, reimbursement will be given to customers with unfilled orders.

The glass doors of the business’ Spokane Valley office suite have been covered, and the doors are locked. When KXLY went to the office on Tuesday, staff inside referred us to Conrad. Calls and emails to the company’s founder were not returned.

In November 2016, Braddock filed a complaint against Zaycon and its managing members in the United States District Court in Seattle. The complaint sought $6.5 million, and alleged several incidents of misconduct. The document says Braddock was at one point made CEO of Zaycon, to get the company back on “firm footing.” When he did, Braddock says the other managing members of Zaycon wrongfully terminated him.

The case is still active in federal court, with a trial date set for next January. It has not been specified if the legal action is related to Zaycon’s closure.