Curve not flattening yet in Spokane Co., hospitals prepared for incoming patients

SPOKANE, Wash.– Resources are available and capacity isn’t an issue at hospitals in Spokane County.

That’s important because the health district is expecting more patients in coming weeks.

Dr. Lutz said the near 200 cases in Spokane County don’t really represent the pandemic right now on this side of the state.

But, the 18 people in the hospital right now show the extent of the outbreak a little better.

“To some degree that’s a more consistent reflection, because we know a certain percentage of individuals, when they do end up having the illness, end up requiring hospitalization,” Lutz said.

The good news is nearly 73,000 tests have come back negative in the state. That’s about 92 percent of all tests done.

On top of that, the four biggest hospitals in the county say they have enough resources and capacity to handle COVID-19 patients.

We just don’t know how many patients are at each hospital right now.

“I don’t see a purpose to sharing individual numbers at a hospital,” Dan Getz of Providence Health said. “I think what’s more important is to share, do we have capacity to care for people in our community?”

That’s certainly the case right now.

Providence Health said there have been fewer patients than normal at Sacred Heart and Holy Family. A big reason for that has been the cancellation of all elective surgeries.

Kootenai Health in Coeur d’Alene told 4 News Now they have also seen a relatively calm amount of people at the hospital.

There have been two COVID-19 patients admitted there.

Spokane County has requested more PPE gear from the state but has only received about eight percent of that request.

They’re also working with some rural areas in eastern Washington to make sure they’re prepared.

If a hospital in a smaller town needs resources, then they’ll get that help from Spokane County.

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