Curtis James Monk

Curtis James Monk

Curtis was born July 7, 1958, the fourth child of Ted and Nancy.  He was soon to be joined by two younger brothers in the next couple of years and a few years later another brother and a sister.

A life growing up along the Pend Oreille River was an everyday adventure of fishing and hunting frogs and snakes along the banks of the Pend Oreille. Swimming, hiking, and all the mischief you could possibly imagine with the help of childhood friends Greg, Robbie and Jimmy and his brothers.

Life was hard growing up at times, especially after his father lost his leg in a logging accident in the early 60’s and then a life altering muscle disease that very few survived affected Curt before he entered school.  All of this never slowed Curt down competing with his brothers and friends for the most mischief.

It was especially fun when the “urban cousins” came to visit. Playing in the swamp, swinging on the rope swing, fishing at Marshall Lake, skiing and boat jumping (you had to be there) and climbing the tallest trees scaring the crap out of the Aunts and Uncles “for the lives of their children.”

Curt’s love of the outdoors lasted his entire life.  He could be found ice fishing on Bead Lake in the middle of the night at 10 below zero or sneaking up on the bull Elk in his cow elk costume.  He once fell out of a tree stand bear hunting and broke his back.

Curt always enjoyed hunting and fishing and BS’ing with his buddies Glen, Art, Junior, and Jim.

Some of his favorite adventures were a trip to Ecuador with his brother and working on his brother’s dive boat in the Puget Sound and beyond.

Out of high school Curt worked as a logger in the family business.  He went back to school in his late 30’s to retrain as an HVAC tech, and was self-employed.  He later went to work for the Cusick school district with his friend Paul where he worked until his passing.

One of Curt’s closest friends had this to say of Curt…“If you were lucky enough to have Curt as a best friend you were part of a very special group of people.  He had a heart of gold and he would do anything for you.”

Our family extends a special thanks to Christine who helped and stuck by Curt through some of the hardest times for over 30 years.  The Monk family would like to thank all those whose friendship and support over the years made Curt’s life a truly rich one.  To the families of Jay, Mitch, and Rick, we thank you.  To Jeff, Paul, Kevin, John, Greg, Jim, Glen and many others, please know how grateful our family is for your love and friendship.

A celebration of Curt’s life will be held at the Cusick Legion on April 23rd at 4 p.m.  A meal will be provided.  Please bring your memories.

Sherman-Campbell Funeral & Cremation Services in Newport is in charge of arrangements.  Family and friends are invited to sign the online guest book at