Curbside COVID-19 testing underway at Spokane area school sites

SPOKANE, Wash. — Coronavirus cases have skyrocketed over the past week in Spokane County.

Getting a test isn’t always easy, especially for those without insurance. Spokane resident Jared Jackson is just one of many waiting to get tested for COVID-19.

“I feel like it’s important to get tested. Not only for myself, but for coworkers and my family,” said Jackson.

“We realized that there may still be some people who weren’t able to access the testing services,” said Kari Lidbeck, Lead for the Community Testing Program with the Spokane Regional Health District.

That’s why the Spokane Regional Health District decided to team up with nurses from Spokane Public Schools and volunteers, to help provide testing to those in need.

Their main focus is to provide testing for those who are underinsured or without insurance.

“We’re really not testing people who don’t have any symptoms or haven’t been exposed. We’re really trying to reserve this for those who truly need the testing,” said Lidbeck.

You’ll also be able to get tested if you plan on traveling to a state where a test is required beforehand.

“We have a family who is going to Alaska and apparently Alaska is requiring that they have a COVID test before entering,” said Lidbeck.

During the two hour testing window, nurses will have cars pull up and will give them instructions on how to swab themselves. Those without a car can also wait in line while staying six feet apart.

While it may be an uncomfortable experience for some, Jackson believes getting tested is crucial.

“Without that knowledge, they’re going to go about their regular lives and infect people unknowingly,” he said.

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