Crowd hosts strike, ‘die-in’ for climate change action

On a cold December Friday, protestors were at Riverfront Park to put heat on Spokane leaders. The protestors want local leaders to do more about climate change.

More than 50 people of all ages, showed up at Riverfront Park right in front of City Hall with a message about saving the Earth.

They all took part in a “die-in” where many of them laid on the sidewalk to symbolize what would happen if no action was taken to save the planet.

“This die-in will signify and depict the deadly consequences climate change has on our future if we don’t take action immediately,” said Tony Horton, a youth activist with Sunrise Movement.

They wanted to show local officials they took this issue seriously.

Scientists say greenhouse gasses, land-use changes, aerosols and soot are warming the Earth. A warming Earth causes extreme weather, from heat waves to cold waves, storms, floods and droughts.

Many spoke out about why being at the protest Friday was important to them. Some kids said they want to be able to live and have a sustainable planet for their own kids someday.

An older man said his generation “screwed up” the place for the younger generation, and he wanted to help make it right.

“As a 22-year-old, I want and I believe, that our rights, our constitutional rights involve a livable future. Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. I think are at risk, when our politicians ignore the climate change and don’t treat it like a threat it is,” Horton said.

As protesters laid on the sidewalk, organizers read off some of many effects of global warming, like hurricanes and tornadoes.

On Friday, they said they protested for five things: A green new deal, respect of indigenous land and sovereignty, environmental justice, the protection and restoration of biodiversity and the implementation of sustainable agriculture.

Horton said our local leaders are doing better in acknowledging the issue and helping it little-by-little, but he feels like more can be done.

“The movement will last forever. We’ll take this to the city council any time we can. In January, we will take this movement to the legislature to demand the same things, climate action,” Horton said.