Crosses placed at Spokane City Hall memorialize those lost to COVID-19

White crosses were placed outside Spokane City Hall Monday, symbolizing people in the county who have died from COVID-19
White crosses outside Spokane City Hall were placed there to honor those who have died from COVID-19
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SPOKANE, Wash – Rows of small white crosses now sit outside Spokane’s City Hall, placed there to symbolize people in Spokane County who have died from COVID-19.

As of Monday morning, 22 people have died in Spokane County from the virus.

The group Stronger Together Spokane says a member of the group made the crosses at home out of upcycled materials; they also added a sign directed at Mayor Woodward that says, “Please keep ALL of our moms safe! Opening too soon is deadly.”

“These are actual human lives,” said Kim Schmidt, who is part of the group. “We’re concerned that reopening or going back to work too early may be jeopardizing people.”

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Stronger Together Spokane describes itself as a group dedicated to combatting religious extremism in Spokane.