Criminals shoot out windows in Spokane neighborhood

Criminals shoot out windows in Spokane neighborhood

Criminals are costing some Spokane residents time and money after a crime spree in the Chief Garry Park Neighborhood.

Resident Jim Hendricks said he went out to his truck Wednesday afternoon on the 4800 block of E. Commerce Ave. to find that someone had shot his truck window and shattered it.

“It’s only an old beater, but it’s my old beater,” Hendricks said.

He shared a photo of the damage on the app NextDoor, a private social media network for neighborhoods, and it wasn’t long before several other people said the same thing has happened to them recently in Spokane.

Hendricks said three of his neighbors also had their vehicle windows shot out Wednesday morning. While Hendricks was able to fix his window already, he said some of his neighbors aren’t as lucky.

“Too many people say that they’ve had the same, the exact same thing happen. They’re fed up with it. People are putting cameras up,” Hendricks said.

He’s going to be improving his security system after this. While he hasn’t heard from police about who may have done this, he has his own suspicions.

“More than likely, they’re probably bored teenagers. You know, karma will come and get you,” Hendricks said.

If you saw anything suspicious on the morning of January 24, call Crime Check at 456-2233.