Crime in Spokane: SPD report shows latest 2018 statistics

Just like any city in America, Spokane has its share of criminal activity. From murders, to rapes, and robberies – the Spokane Police Department works around the clock to keep neighborhoods safe.

New data released by SPD shows violent crimes are up, and property crimes are down this year compared to 2017.

So far this year, there have been 9 murders in Spokane – an 80 percent increase compared to 2017. SPD has also seen a 23 percent increase in rape cases.

There have been 650 cases of aggravated assault this year, an 11 percent increase. Domestic violence assaults jumped 23 percent compared to 2017 .

The Preliminary Citywide IBR Crime Report also keeps track of property crime, which is down from last year, according to police.

Residential burglaries dropped 10 percent, but there have still been 1,122 break-ins this year to date. More than 1700 vehicles were stolen off Spokane streets this year, but those thefts are down 8 percent from 2017.

To view the full report and see what types of crimes are most common in your neighborhood, click here.

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