Crime Check sees unprecedented surge in fraud reports last month

SPOKANE, Wash. — Residents in Spokane County call Crime Check to file reports and tips. Last month, the non-emergency call center saw an unprecedented spike. 

Even with the massive increase, officials say workers at the call center were able to handle all these reports with no disruption to any services. Even in June, Crime Check is on track to get 1,100 more reports than usual. 

Crime never sleeps. It’s why 24 hours a day, employees at Crime Check pick up the phone. 

Last month was no exception. In fact, Crime Check completed more than 6,500 reports- a 55% increase compared to this time last year. 

Also in May, Crime Check took 2,607 fraud reports. That’s an increase of more than 1100% compared to May 2019. 

Fraud reports are still pouring in this month. Crime Check typically averages 8 reports of fraud a day. That number has jumped to 25 per day in June. 

Spokane Police witnessed a surge of identity theft in June involving unemployment claims. During that time, the Washington State Attorney General’s Office says scammers also took advantage of people waiting for stimulus checks- posing as IRS agents, trying to steal social security numbers and other information. 

Crime Check is different than 911. So, when should you call?

If you need to file a police report over the phone for a crime that is no longer occurring, or if you witnessed a crime in the past. 

Call 911 if you report a crime in progress, for medical emergencies, or if you need police of the Fire Department immediately.

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