Crews still working to remove downtown berms

Crews still working to remove downtown berms

City crews prepped for another night of plowing Thursday evening, to get rid of those pesky berms in downtown Spokane. Their greatest challenge was the icy berms, that sat in the middle of many downtown streets.

The city expected downtown berms to be gone by Thursday morning, but many Spokane workers still struggled with them on the morning commute.

That’s because the giant snow blower that picks up the snow also picked up a loose manhole cover, causing the machine to shut down and need repair. This left many berms in place through Thursday.

The snow blower transfers the snow into a fleet of dump trucks, which take it out of our way to a city property where it stays until it melts.

Street Director for the city of Spokane Mark Serbousek said, “it’s our hope to have most of the downtown picked up tonight. It could go into another night in the west side of the downtown area, but we hope to have all the main arteries opened up.”

Serbousek said the biggest concern the berms cause is usually just confusion, not anything more serious. But it’s definitely something to keep in mind for your Friday morning commute.