Avista crew members assist emergency responders in rescuing man from Spokane River

SPOKANE, Wash. — Emergency crews rescued a man from the Spokane River Monday morning.

According to fire officials, Avista crew members were working near the Numerica Skate Ribbon in Riverfront Park around 6 a.m. when they heard calls for help coming from the river. Only the man’s head could be seen just above the water.

Crew members reacted quickly, throwing the man a life ring and calling 911.

Emergency rescue crews from Spokane Fire responded and found the man in shallow but extremely cold water. SFD crews placed ladders into the river to assist in rescuing him, but the man was too weak to climb up.

A member of the SFD Technical Rescue team then got into the nearly waist deep water and placed a rescue harness on the man. He was brought onto shore where he was treated and taken to the hospital for evaluation and further treatment.

Crews are still investigating how the man ended up in the river.