Crews busy behind the scenes preparing for Hoopfest

Crews busy behind the scenes preparing for Hoopfest

Hoopfest backboards

Hoopfest is just three weeks away and crews are busy getting ready to welcome more than a quarter of a million players and fans to the biggest weekend in Spokane of the year.

Crews will spend the next several days prepping 460 backboards in time for the biggest three on three tournament on the planet.

In east Spokane, where all of the Hoopfest infrastructure is stored year-round, crews are making sure the backboards are ready to be moved downtown.

Gridmark and the Hoopfest staff are putting sponsor logos on backboards to make sure you know where your team is playing on Hoopfest weekend.

“That has been an evolving process every year. In the beginning, they were hand painted; technology has changed so much and materials. Now, it’s basically just a mini billboard on a giant sticker, so they can move through quite a bit at a time now,” Kirstin Davis with Hoopfest said.

There’s quite a lot of behind the scenes prep work to get ready for the massive event. This is Hoopfest’s 24th year, so everything they do is like clockwork. Hoops are already grouped in numbers so they’ll be dropped off in specific parts of downtown Spokane.

Hoopfest crews say the backboards will be ready in time for the big weekend. As crews are getting the infrastructure ready between now and the end of the month, you have just three weeks to get your team out on the court and practice.