Creative treats for trick-or-treaters

Healthy Halloween treats for kids

When handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, you might find your candy is the same as everyone else on the block, leaving kids with a bag full of the same mini candy bars. To set your treats apart from the rest, get creative with these ideas.

Bottled water: Kids can get thirsty running from house to house. Instead of candy, quench their thirst with a bottle of water.

Juice: If you want something more tasty than bottled water, consider handing out juice boxes to the kids.

Popcorn: Kids can get hungry trick-or-treating and might welcome a snack other than candy that they can munch on while going from house to house. Hand out bags of popcorn to the kids to give them a fun and tasty snack.

Caramel apples: Caramel apples are a tasty, traditional fall treat. You can buy these at a local candy store or even make them yourself.

Pumpkin doughnuts: Pumpkin doughnuts are a great fall treat. You can pick up a box from a local bakery or make them yourself.

Sugar cookies: Kids love sugar cookies, especially when they are in fun shapes with cute decorations. Make a batch of Halloween-themed cutouts and give the kids a fun surprise.