Creach son says statements don’t compare to evidence

Family members of Scott Creach are getting a trickle of information from the Spokane Police Department?s shooting investigation, and they?re saying that what details are being released about the fatal shooting doesn?t add up to the evidence found at the scene.

It’s been a week-and-a-half since Scott Creach, 74, was shot and killed by a Spokane County Sheriff deputy in the parking lot of Creach?s business. On Sunday law enforcement sources revealed that Deputy Brian Hirzel used both verbal commands and his baton to try to defuse the situation.

Hirzel told investigators as Creach approached his unmarked patrol car he shouted for Creach to drop his gun. The deputy says Creach acknowledged his command but continued to walk toward the deputy. Hirzel says when Creach was within two feet of his car he got out of his patrol car and once again told him to drop his weapon.

That’s when Hirzel says he hit Creach with his baton and then shot him once in the chest.

On Monday Alan Creach, Scott?s son, says his mom was inside her home next to the Plant Farm and the windows were open. She, according to Alan, never heard the deputy yell at his dad; instead Alan says his mom only heard her husband Scott cry out in pain in a tone she?d never heard before.

Alan Creach, during a phone interview Monday, questioned the training deputies undergo, wondering if they are prepared to deal with citizens protecting their property.

As for the slow tap investigators are releasing information from one drip at a time, Alan said that the officers conducting the shooting investigation want to do a ?good, clean investigation? but that “It’s unfortunate that these information leaks are coming out a little bit at a time.”

Detectives are scheduled to meet with prosecutors Tuesday to determine what else they can release about what happened the night of the shooting without jeopardizing the integrity of the investigation.