Creach shooting dispatch recordings released

The Spokane County Sheriff’s Office released recordings of radio traffic between Deputy Brian Hirzel and dispatchers the night of the fatal shooting at The Plant Farm in Spokane Valley.

The dispatch recordings released Monday, a portion of which you can listen to here, his fatal shooting, show what Deputy Hirzel said in the moments after the incident that claimed the life of Scott Creach.

The recordings provide what is probably the closest the community will get to a first-hand look as to how the shooting went down, the incident unfolding very quickly with Hirzel, a nearly 20-year law enforcement veteran, sounding rattled after he used deadly force against Creach.

On August 25 Hirzel had logged in that he was going out on a prowl check at the Plant Farm. He was sitting in his car doing paper work and at the same time hoping he might spot some suspicious activity.

Dispatch records show Hirzel had been there for seven minutes when he says he spotted Scott Creach crossing the parking lot carrying a handgun at his side.

Anecdotally we know through interviews Hirzel had with detectives that Hirzel shot Creach during an altercation with the man. His first indication that something was wrong was when Hirzel, sounding rattled, uses his radio to call for help.

Hirzel: 505, correction, 606, I’m Code 6.Dispatcher: Code 6, 14114 East Fourth. Hirzel: OK I got shots fired one down, shots fired.Dispatcher: Copy shots fired.Unknown: Call it a 99.Dispatcher: CopyHirzel: Respond medicsDispatcher: 99 14114 East Fourth. Show units en-route.

Hirzel has told investigators that he kept his gun trained on Creach who was now on the ground and not moving. The deputy asks for medics a second time.

Hirzel: 606 I need medics. Dispatcher: Copy medics are in route

Other deputies arrive on scene but dispatchers are still relying on Hirzel for information from the shooting scene.

Dispatcher: 606. Is it safe for medics to come in? Hirzel: It is. I’m in front of the Plant Farm. 14114 East Fourth.

Supervisors begin to ask about other suspects associated with the incident, assuming at the time that Deputy Hirzel has shot a prowler or burglar.

Unknown: Do we have any outstanding. Do we need K-9 en-route? Five you can find out for us. Unknown: No body outstanding. Unknown: The scene is going to be secure here. We don’t have anybody outstanding. Everybody can slow it down. But we do need medics to need to step it up, we’re going to need advanced life support. They can come on it everything is Code 4 at this time other than this one down.

It appears deputies don’t even know who the shooting victim is until Imogene Creach, Scott?s wife, called 911 about her husband.

Dispatcher: 911 what are you reporting? Imogene Creach: Yes, I’m at the Plant Farm in the parking lot. My husband is not in bed I think he’s out there but there were shots fired. Dispatcher: OK and where is this at? Imogene Creach: 14208 East 4th Avenue Dispatcher: 14208 East 4th? Imogene: Yes

The last thing heard about Deputy Hirzel on the dispatch recordings is that he is being driven to the Valley Precinct where Detective Dave Skogen, the president of the Deputy Sheriff’s Association, is told he can meet with Hirzel.

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