COVID testing demand is down, but Spokane’s mass testing sites aren’t going anywhere yet

Patient Getting A Covid Test At The Spokane Falls Community College Mass Testing Site

SPOKANE, Wash. – The need for COVID testing is down in Spokane, but local test sites aren’t going anywhere quite yet. 

Discovery Health, which is running Spokane’s two mass testing sites, has seen a large decrease in the number of daily tests it’s administering. The provider saw its peak on January 18 with 1,001 tests between the two sites. On Monday, it saw 135 come in and get tested.

Though the need for testing has fallen significantly, the testing sites will stay open through at least the end of March. There are discussions to keep them open through June. 

The current site at the Spokane County Fair and Expo center will close on February 28, but Discovery Health is looking for another space in Spokane Valley.

If that does not come together, a backup could be in downtown Spokane.

The Spokane Regional Health District says some companies, like Discovery Health, plan to stay long-term.

Discovery Health’s Chief Growth Officer Daniel Pulse said it’s expanding the company into downtown Spokane. They’re looking at a place to help more people for testing.

“While we don’t have a specific timeline for opening, we have signed lease and working toward a launch schedule,” Pulse said.

Pulse said they are also looking to open more “non-traditional service locations such as mobile testing sites,” to help serve the way people are getting health services.

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