More COVID-19 vaccine appointments are available for longer in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. — Washington is moving past the days where vaccine appointments filled up in just a few minutes. Now, there are more appointments staying available longer because the vaccine supply is increasing.

“Vaccines are coming. We know that’s going to happen,” said Umair Shah, Washington’s Secretary of Health. “The supply will no longer be as much of an issue.”

“Next week, we hit another record high for vaccine allocation,” said Michele Roberts, Washington’s Acting Assistant Secretary of Health.

The state is on track to receive 400,000 vaccines, including 100,000 Johnson & Johnson doses. The amount of providers who are administering the vaccines is also increasing. However, Governor Inslee is still concerned. He says at least 300,000 senior citizens have not been vaccinated yet. To help this issue, the state is streamlining the process.

Here’s what you need to know if you’re eligible and haven’t been able to sign up for a vaccine yet.

  1. Go to the vaccine locator website.
  2. Type in your zip code.
  3. Sign up for whatever appointment is available closest to you.

Also, for those who don’t have access to internet, there are ways you can get signed up, too. Call (1-800) 525-0127 to talk with an operator who can get you signed up for a vaccine over the phone. At the number, there are also non-English options to use.

Health experts say they’re seeing this increase in available appointments because people are shopping around for which vaccine they want.

“The fact that we have more providers has given people more access,” said Dr. Frank Velasquez of the Spokane Regional Health District.

However, health officials are advising against this, saying all shots work.

“Whichever vaccine is available to you now, that’s the best vaccine for you,” Velasquez said. “Just get it.”

If you are struggling to find transportation to get a vaccine, there are also resources to help with that barrier. Special Mobility Services works with clients directly to pair them with a transportation service that fits their needs. They say they are more than happy to help connect residents with rides to vaccination sites. You can contact Special Mobility Services by calling Holly at 509-217-937 or emailing her at