COVID-19 surges in Spokane, Kootenai counties

SPOKANE, Wash. — Coronavirus cases are surging. Over the weekend the United States saw nearly 100,000 new cases, bringing the total number of positive cases to more than 8.1 million — and the worldwide number to more than 40 million.

Both Washington and Idaho saw rises in the overall number of COVID-19 cases.

Washington added more than 1,300 positive cases and Idaho a few dozen more than that.

However, an important number to look at when examining positive cases is the incidence rate, or the number of cases per 100,000 people. Washington is only at 8.2 per 100,000 people, but Idaho is at a whopping 40.9.

That ranks sixth in the nation — for comparison, New York City is at 8.2 and the state of Florida is at 13.5.

In Kootenai County there were 331 positive cases reported during the last week. On Saturday and Sunday, the cases per 100,000 stood at 28.5, which is still much higher than many places.

The numbers haven’t been this high since the middle part of July.

Spokane County is a little better; 72 people tested positive for COVID-19 overnight into Monday, and over the weekend there was a total of 112 new positive cases. However, the cases 100,000 currently stands at 14.0 with one new death.

Over the weekend in Spokane there were a total of five new hospitalizations to bring the current number to 473.