COVID-19 outbreaks reported at eight Spokane homeless shelters

Hope House shelter hosts grand opening Monday
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Hope House shelter

SPOKANE, Wash – Eight Spokane shelters are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks, according to information provided by the Spokane Regional Health District.

The data released Thursday show the biggest current outbreak affects staff and clients of the Union Gospel Mission Men’s Shelter and Recovery. Twenty five people have tested positive; the most recent case there was reported August 14.

Data on COVID outbreaks

The Cannon Street Shelter reported 23 people testing positive as recently as August 17.

Truth Ministries reported 22 positive tests, with the newest case reported on August 14.

Nineteen clients and staff members have tested positive at Hope House. The most recent positive case there was reported on August 23.

Smaller outbreaks have been reported at House of Charity (10 cases), Evangeline House (three cases), UGM Crisis Center for Women (16 cases) and Crosswalk Youth Shelter (two cases.)

4 News Now reached out to several of the shelters to see what kinds of mitigation steps they’re taking to stop the transmission of COVID-19.

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