Court rules that Trump administration can’t cut Planned Parenthood grants

A federal court in Spokane stated Wednesday that the Trump administration’s early termination of Planned Parenthood’s Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program grants was unlawful.

Planned Parenthood, along with coalition members, sued the Trump administration in February over the administration’s decision to end all grantees’ awards two years early.

“Today’s decision sent a clear message: the Trump-Pence administration can’t turn back progress, ignore science and the needs of young people, all to push its ideological agenda,” said Rachel Todd, Director of Education for Planned Parenthood of Greater Washington and North Idaho. “Shifting funds from a wide range of evidence-based programs to focus exclusively on programs that emphasize abstinence only will disproportionately harm young people, including survivors of sexual violence, LGBTQ teens, youth of color, families in rural communities, and youth who already face significant barriers when trying to access information or health care. Sex education that’s evidence-based and delivered by trained professionals like our experts is extremely effective and widely supported in our country.”