Court records: Suspect in fatal crash may have been driving while high

SPOKANE, Wash. — Court documents show the suspect in Tuesday’s deadly crash may have been driving while high on marijuana.

Tyrell M. Hemphill is accused of crashing into Tamara Wollander’s car at the intersection of Indiana and Washington. Wollander was taken to the hospital, where she died from her injuries.

Witnesses told police Hemphill was going around 30 mph over the speed limit when he crashed into Wollander’s car.

Hemphill told officers he used marijuana on Monday night and had taken an anti-seizure medication Tuesday morning.

According to court documents, Hemphill had just gotten off work and was heading home when he sped up to try to beat a yellow light. That was when the two cars crashed.

Witnesses said they were at a red light when Hemphill drove past them and into the intersection. According to court records, security footage from a nearby restaurant showed the victim had a green light and was making a right-hand turn when her car was hit.

Police said Hemphill had droopy eyelids, red watery eyes, dilated pupils and appeared to be relaxed, which is consistent with marijuana use.

Hemphill sustained a left knee injury in the crash and was taken to Deaconess Medical Center. He was later booked into jail for vehicular homicide after being treated for his injuries.

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